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A hidden gem located in Chattahoochee Hills

In order to stop disrupting a beautiful rural area of Georgia with urban sprawl, couple Nygren has put every effort to establish the agrarian community Serenbe 11 years ago. Luckily this couple recognized true importance of this place with its beautiful landscapes and a mix of nature and countryside. Their idea was to create a model of a place that can survive and develop providing healthy and successful life to society while preserving more than 70 percent of green space. Connection with nature and between people in a place where multiple generations would live close together creating conditions to achieve fulfilling and balanced life was a foundation of his dream.

Serenbe today, as a real hidden gem, presents home for nearly 3,000 people in more than 450 residents which are focused on producing fresh food, save fresh air and focus on well-being how of humans same for nature. Successful managing of a 25-acre organic farm with included certain agriculture program and edible landscaping produces great fresh food as one of the main assets of Serenbe. Miles of nature trails with blueberry bushes along the side are spread over acres of preserved green surfaces and forests connecting all homes and properties in this area.

One of the important elements which make a focus of this place beside health, wellbeing, agriculture nourishment and nature awareness is arts for inspiration. There are annual cultural festivals that include music events, films and lectures, art galleries promoting, spa and trail riding with some needed boutique shopping. Even their theater Serenbe Playhouse is having productions performed outdoors to be closer to nature. Artist-in-residence program in this institution brings many musicians, painters, novelists and actors all over the country. As Georgia is No.1 filming location in the United States this place is main setting and accommodation for the project and crew.

All homes in Serenbe are built according to the EarthCraft project which is a green building program which demonstrates how energy costs can be even 30 percent below those of a typical home. Serenbe has taken new homes to the next level while preserving energy. Net zero energy use produces as much energy as they consume thanks to renewable energy resources. One of the best ways Serenbe uses to reduce overall demand for energy in the home and produces enough is geothermal heating and cooling system.

There are no limits for anybody in this town. The offer has developed so well and it is improving constantly providing various services for all ages. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to live, and not just visit, a progressive, pedestrian-oriented village with great theatre company, perfectly developed organic farms and beautiful spa locations. Besides this complex offer it still keeps the simple life practice surviving which showed as highly addictive to guests. No matter how many new commercial businesses and homeowners come to this place it will be forever focused to preserve this unique link to the landscape where it was born to protect and save.