Chattahooche Hills a real balance between urban living and nature

Rural countryside of Georgia state mixed with breathtaking natural landscapes and easy going pleasure of small places like Serenbe will put anybody’s adventure above all expectations. This amazing country has put all efforts to protect the beautiful rural land and its treasures. Thanks to this community a sanctuary is created for all those people who want to escape just for a while from bustling city life.This is a so-called laid-back lifestyle which is just 40 minutes away from a major urban center. To this community most important things are optimal physical health and minimal mental stress.

As time moves much slower here, memories stay much engraved in mind thanks to having enough time to enjoy all details and little pleasures nobody can’t in urban and fast lifestyle. For example anybody having problems with insomnia will get some good sleep over here. Perfect offer of accommodations for free times like honeymoons, spiritual retreats or just rest and relaxation will make you rest body and soul.

As for healthy way of life people here find very important to be active outdoors in measure that even their lectures, films, reading with friends and theater performances are done outdoors. For more sport kind of people there are always choices like bike renting, fitness and yoga classes also performed outdoor to make any connection with nature possible. Even all homes have front porches or sitting areas just outside their homes to interact more with their neighbors.

Farm-to-table is also one of the projects in this area which supports three thriving restaurants, organic farms and seasonal farmer markets. All meals during the day offered to all people are made of fresh ingredients from farms with supported agriculture programs. Keeping balance in touch with nature keeps balance we need in our mind and body.

Biophilia is something you will hear about when visiting this place. It is a theory about instinctive bond between humans and other living systems. Basic elements like fresh food, fresh air, grass and trees around us became a luxury of which unfortunately we are still not aware enough. So Serenbe and surroundings offer various nature trails in order to show importance of our existence and nature depending.

Conserving energy is also one of the greatest aspects to preserve natural treasures in this country. By facilitating solar geothermal and net-zero homes this community has a totally new look at their way of development. Traditional values and the principles of environmental sustainability impact also methods of construction of this place. Instead of unplanned and aggressive building their primary goal is to preserve over 70 percent of the green space.

With all these elements to achieve health and wellbeing balance with nature this community created successful and strong place where everything is within walking distance and the world waits along the edges.